Glitterati noun [ plural ] /ˌɡlɪt.əˈrɑː.ti/
“rich, famous, and fashionable people whose activities are of interest to the public and are written about in some newspapers and magazines”
Hey there, we are Le Glittz. We are a bunch of people who share the same interest.
We have passion for fashion.
Btw, ever wondered what it feels be like to be a star? Even better – your favorite star?
At Le Glittz we bring people who share common interest like us not only to see and talk about star fashion, but also to be a star. Yes, we open our doors for you to dress like your favorite star because we are a social community for fashion and beauty enthusiasts such as social media influencers, celebrities, and you. Yes, of course you! Because you deserve to be a star.
Yup, we are selling preloved fashion and beauty items from your favorite star. Don’t worry, what you will see on our website is the exact item that will arrive at your doorstep. Because everything in our website are carefully curated by our team. Also, we only sell original pieces in good conditions.
The question is, are you brave enough to be THE STAR?
smooch, Le Glittz.