Find various products on Choose the product you want to buy. Then you can click “ADD TO CART” button to enter the product into the shopping cart and continue searching for other products.

Or you can immediately click “CHECKOUT” button inside the cart icon to fill in the purchase details (number of items, seller notes, shipping address, and shipping courier) and proceed to the payment method.

Hover to “CART” button on the upper right corner and click the “VIEW CART” button. You can change the number of items, fill in notes for sellers, delete products, and use promo codes or coupons. Next select Checkout to continue your shopping process.

Hover to “CART” button on the upper right corner and click the “CHECKOUT” button. On the Checkout page, you can create a recipient’s shipping address and shipping courier name. You can also use a promo code or coupon on the Checkout page. After all data is filled in, you can click “PLACE ORDER” to choose the payment method and proceed to the payment page.

To use a promo code or coupon, make sure you are in the “CART” or “CHECKOUT” page. Choose “have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”. Next, enter the coupon/promo code.

If successful, your total spending amount will be decreased according to the percentage or amount attached on the coupon..

Point the cursor to the Account icon at the top right. Click on “ORDERS”.

On this page you will see the last status of your order, such as whether the payment has been verified, or whether the order has been processed / sent by the seller. If the seller has entered the receipt number, you can track the order.

There’s no need for you to manually confirm your payment. We have integrated payment gateway from MIDTRANS which automates the payment confirmation right after we receive it.