IN OR OUT? This is the ‘Say’ Fashion Trend That Will Be Lost This Year!

W-O-W! 2019 has entered its 5th month, Babes! This time Le Glittz will discuss about fashion trends which are predicted to disappear in 2019. What’s up? Check this out !!

  1. Mini Sunglasses
    This mini sunglasses used to be really hype in 2018. With its unique shape and vintage and retro design, this trend of glasses has attracted the attention of many people, including world celebrities. He said, now the existence of these mini sunglasses began to shift with normal-sized sunglasses, frameless, and more classy. Hmmm … what do you think, Babes?
  2. Dad Sneaker
    Well, for sneakers lovers. Dad sneaker or ugly sneakers said he would lose his hype in 2019. Although there are still many enthusiasts, regular sneakers are still a mandatory and safe choice for sneakers lovers. Wow, is that right??
  3. Sock Boots
    Sock boots also really hit in 2018 and often appeared as a pair of last year’s long winter blazers. Well, reportedly, these sock boots will also be abandoned in 2019!
  4. Neon Colour
    Uh-oh! This one said he would start losing his hype in fashion this year. Reportedly, it will be replaced with bright nude colors. Agree, Babes?

Now, there are some trends that he said will start losing prestige in 2019. Which do you think should be maintained?

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