Keep Stylish in the Rainy Season? Worry No More!

Get an umbrella before it rain? More like, prepare an outfit before it rains. Ladies! The rainy season has arrived. Because we cannot predict when it will rain, it’s good that we should always be ready. Including wearing the most comfortable outfit during the rain so you don’t need to be confused to go to the office or do activities outside when the rain comes. Come on, take a look at the outfit ideas in the rainy season which can be your choice.

  1. Cardigans and Oversized Sweaters? Yass please!
    Alternative rainy days begin with wearing a cardigan and oversized sweater. Cardigans can be mixed with colorful shirts, and oversized sweaters can be combined with skinny jeans. Don’t have oversized sweaters? Don’t worry! Just stick to your boyfriend;) This cardigan and sweater material is very comfortable to wear in the rainy season, effortless and stylish!
  2. On Point with Parka Jacket
    This one has become a trend that is never out of date, huh! How not, parka jacket can be mixed with any outfit in it. Casual or formal style, all are suitable for added parka as outerwear. Plus, there’s no need to fear cold or get rain again.
  3. Sneakers and Ankle Boots
    The outfit is already, turn on the shoes! So on point from head to toe, mix your outfit with sneaker or ankle boots. In addition to making the impression of style, sneaker and ankle boots can protect you from troublesome wet shoes!
  4. Cute Raincoat
    Well, this is the most important thing if today the rain is heavy enough. Raincoat! If today the rain is heavy and the umbrella does not protect fully because it is often washed away, the raincoat can be used as an alternative! Don’t choose funny ones, Ladies!

Well, that was some ideas for your outfit during the rainy season to stay on point! You can check more outfits on Le Glittz’s website and have one of them. Happy shopping!

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