Mix and Match Clothes for Hijabers

Hello, G-Babes! This time Le Glittz will discuss specific solid color problems for you hijabers. Let’s listen!
First of all, Le Glittz will give you a color chart that can be your supervisor’s and your subordinate’s guide. Choose colors that are side by side, babes! Example; yellow – green, yellow – orange, etc. What? It’s easy?

Well, this second color chart is a special guide for hijab and uppers. Choose the opposite color, Girls! For example this, yellow green – violet red. The color is guaranteed to be perfect for your hijab outfit partner!

Last, besides the colors that can be paired, you can use neutral colors to match with any color. What is neutral color? Well, the so-called neutral color is black, white, gray, and brown!

What? It’s easy? Let’s create your hijab with the right colors! See you at Glittz Next tip, Girls.

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