Skinny Jeans, always? Boring?

Hit it! Jeans again, jeans again! Almost every day jeans become a simple choice and not complicated to always wear anywhere. Want it to be a semi-formal event or just hang out with friends. Well, we have a number of styling skinny jeans to keep monotonous every day!

  1. Cloured Blazer!
    Jeans and color blazers are perfect for those of you who are confused about going to the office or just meeting with clients in a cafe. Just use a beautiful shirt or blouse, mix it with a blazer. Voila!
  2. High Heels
    Who says jeans are only suitable for boyish and casual styles? When combined with high heels, skinny jeans can make the look of your style look classy and stylish!
  3. Lace Top
    Well, this one is suitable for coming to a friend’s wedding invitation, can be a safe solution so that it still looks casual, chic and still beautiful!
  4. Sweatshirt
    In this rainy season, let’s take out all your sweatshirt collections and mix them with jeans. Simple and cool!
  5. Double Denim,
    Do you really like using denim outfit? This one can be your choice! Mix denim tops with jeans that you have. It could be your signature look. Afraid of monotonous? Just add accessories like cute sunnies or purses!

There you go, Ladies. How do you mix and match your jeans style? Well, for those of you who want a more varied collection of Jeans, you can check out the Le Glittz website!

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